Catherine Rhyner

CatherineCatherine Rhyner is the creative energy behind The Rhyn-Rivét Collection of unique porcelain ornaments. Born into a family of artists, Catherine is the great-granddaughter of a colorful, strong-minded Polish woman who collected exquisite crystal ornaments. It was Catherine’s love of and fascination with these family heirlooms, along with her deep respect for fine craftsmanship, which inspired and motivated her to explore a variety of art forms, leading her along the path to The Rhyn-Rivét Collection. Catherine, always creative and artistically inclined, was introduced during childhood to the art of ceramics by a local villager, while her family resided in Japan. Now, years later, Catherine directs the specially chosen artisans who craft her ornaments using china paints, dimensional glazes, and inlaid metals to create an impressionistic design in relief. This raised design is the hallmark of the entire Rhyn-Rivét Collection.

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